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Lori Clements, Executive Director 

Kerri Bangert, Director of Contracts/Quality Assurance

Melinda Chester, Financial Officer

Sharonda Watson, Human Resource/Staff Dev Manager

Ray Williams, Maintenance Manager

Regeana Hawkeyworth, Adm. Assistant

Shelia Bailey, Adm. Assistant

Sadie Organ, Adm. Assistant


Candy Smith, Facility Director                                          

Reba Dye, Admission Director                                           

Jennifer Miller, SRP Services Coordinator                            

Harold Biazo, Therapist LCSW   

Gabrielle Flores, Therapist                                       

Brad Dickson, Clinical Director LPC                                            

Cindy Smith, CADC

Lisa Sangster, Registered Nurse                                                                              Lanisha McDonald, Caseworker                                      

Shanquetta Cisero, Caseworker                                            

Kim Parson, Caseworker                                          

Yasmenne Turner, Caseworker                                            

Rhonda Harvey, SE Program Manager

Helen Nelson, SE Teacher

Dawn Burns, SE, GED/Business Teacher



Tracy Boyd, Program Manager

Kathryn Black, Craighead

Octavious Bailey, Craighead

Christy Manatt, Clay County

Mendy Young, Greene County

Robert Smith, Poinsett

Hope Ray, Mississippi County

Kynvie Ailsworth, Mississippi County

Tammy Ivy, Jackson County

Kassie Warren, Sharp & Randolph Counties

Krystal Borreson, Lawrence & Randolph Counties

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